Computer Information Systems (CIS) versus Computer Science

Computer Information Systems (CIS) Computer Science
  • Focus on the application and use of computer technology.
  • Provide strong computer technology skills to solve business problems and improve organizational efficiency.
  • Teaches how to integrate and put together the different computer technology components such as software applications, database systems, and networks.
  • Expand understanding of the various areas of business such as Marketing, Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics and Operations.
  • Empowers you to grow as an IT manager and a leader in your organization.
  • Focus on the development of computer technology.
  • Provide strong programming and networking skills and solid mathematical background.
  • Teaches theory of computer technology, what makes each component work, and how to improve its design.
  • Expand understanding of computational sciences such as Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Gaming, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, and Data Visualization.