Career Opportunities

Despite the economic recession of 2001, the job market in information technology is still favorable. A high demand exists for personnel skilled in the nuts and bolts of computer technology, and well versed in the business acumen to incorporate that information into a structure that supports and protects the needs and the goals of the organization. Furthermore, the large number of organizations conducting business online and the resulting security needs demand quality personnel that can design, implement and support the sophisticated computer networks that link businesses to their various publics.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that MIS jobs will increase by 30 percent through 2012, a rate much higher than the national average of projected job growth for all other occupations.

The Lewis University MIS curriculum prepares majors for careers in a wide variety of fields as:

Information systems analysts
Systems designers
Microcomputer experts
Database analysts
Data administrators
Software engineers

MIS majors may look for jobs such as an Information Systems General Representative, an IT Auditor, or a Database Analyst, which all average base salaries between $49,000-$51,000.

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