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Welcome Back - Spring 2011

Welcome Back to all our returning College of Business students and our new students as well. I'm not sure about you but I think winter break was quite short even though I know the faculty members' breaks were much shorter than ours.

I'm just making another quick reminder about the MIS courses that are available this semester for all students...

*Introduction to Information Systems
*Principles of Project Management
*Systems of Design and Methodology
*Database Management Systems
*Web Design Application
*Systems Implementation

If you are at all interested in registering please feel free to make an appointment (quickly) with Dean Dr. Rami Khasawneh. If you have questions about the MIS program please feel free to contact any one of the faculty members or MIS students. If you want to discuss having MIS as a major or minor please also feel free to email any one of the faculty.

Hope you all have a great semester. And an early congratulations to the Spring 2011 MIS Graduates.

On Behalf of the MIS Department,
Amanda Theel
TA for Mike Godfrey