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Online Flyer Positions Available for 2011

Starting in the Fall of 2011, will be expanding and
adding new positions. The positions are open to all majors. If you are
interested in applying for any of the following positions, please email Ben
Eveloff at or stop by his office (JP-002A).

*All of the following positions come with a stipend for the year:


Online Editor
The online editor is responsible for a variety of editorial and supervisory tasks
including but not limited to the following: conducting staff meetings, assigning
stories, copy editing, assisting section editors and regularly updating the content of
the Flyer site. A major role of the Online Editor will be to coordinate radio, television,
and print outlets to avoid story overlap on the site. The online editor will also look for
ways to further develop and improve the site.

Assistant Online Editor
The assistant online editor will support the online editor in his or her day-to-day
tasks. Responsibilities could include, but are not limited to: editing stories, editing
images, editing videos, updating the website, making changes to the design of the

Online Community/Social Media Manager
The online community manager will update all of the Online Flyer’s social media sites
(i.e. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) on a daily basis, helping to build the Flyer’s
online audience and bringing more traffic to the site. He or she will also look for
creative ways to expand the Flyer’s online reach, including adding new social media
channels and implementing them into the Flyer’s overall online strategy.

If you are interested the application is attached. Good Luck!