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It's That Time of Year...

"School's out for the summer..." for some... for others... FOREVER! (again maybe...) Myself I'm one of those that get that *privileged* statuses of being a senior who enjoys school sooo much that I decided "why not come back for two more years".

Some of us seniors from MIS Department have decided to share our great wisdom with the fellow MIS students and other COB students... (maybe they should think about CIS as a major or minor.. they probably will after what we say!) So let's get to the questions everyone's dying to read....

1. What made you chose Computer Information Systems as your major?
Amanda: As one of MIS Professors says: I’m an overachiever... I chose CIS because I had Information Security as one of my majors along with Accounting and the classes were similiar that it seemed wrong to not add it!
Sondra: I originally was a Computer Science major when I first entered college. Circumstances led me to the College of Business to become a Business Administration major when Professor Abdullah introduced me to CIS. It was a perfect fit, Business and Computers.
Steve: I was looking for a second major and saw that it was only nine classes and that a computer major can come in handy.
(Don't worry it get's better!!!)

2. What have been some of your greatest memories while being at Lewis University in the College of Business?
Amanda: Having the ability to get to know so many people in many different areas. I am a triple major so I got to meet people in areas that I wouldn’t have if I was only a single major student. COB allows you to have the opportunity to be able to have multiple majors or minors.
Sondra: I’ve enjoyed taking classes with many experienced professors who were able to relate the subject material to real life situations.
Steve: For me that is simple being involved in Delta Sigma Pi, plus having a small group in our CIS classes you become close with many students when you travel from class to class together. (**Aww, our family**)

3. What are your plans after you graduate in May?
Amanda: I plan on returning to school for my Masters degree in Information Security here at Lewis University. I also plan on working with the undergraduates and colleagues in COB on implementing a Business Leadership Seminar Day. I am also working at Argonne National Laboratory in the Environmental Sciences Division as a technician co-op with a concentration in Information Security.
Sondra: I will be working at AT&T as an Associate IT Manager at their regional campus in Hoffman Estates.
Steve: I have already gone on several interviews. I am currently interviewing at INSTEC and AVON.
(If you haven't noticed yet CIS majors are pretty versatile)

4. What is some advice that you have for the current MIS students?
Amanda: Get to know the people in your classes you are stuck with them throughout your college career. They turn out to be the best friends you have. I haven’t been as close to any other group (even my accounting group) as I have with this crazy bunch! The professors have made it even better too. Each MIS teacher has their own quirk about them: Challenge yourself and figure out what it is... Then do everything to remind them about it... They hate it! Or Love it!!! (A+)
Sondra: Learn the basics of Java and PHP, even if you’re not focused on the technological aspect of the major. Get an internship, and don’t sell yourself short; there are many well-paying opportunities for our major. Finally, with the rise of cloud computing, the Information Security field will boom with jobs.
Steve: Don’t just do the assignments to do them. Really understand and comprehend them. Especially Tomsics BIS class. I need to really know EXCEL for AVON and now I need to go back and review. (Look at Steve here, telling you to do your HW... smart guy!)

5. What are some memories of the MIS Department or people of your class?
Amanda: The people and teachers are unforgetable. I have had some of my best memories with the MIS Class of 2011. When you walk into the room and keep the talk from two classes before then you know you have become a family. I feel bad for the next bunch because I think the teachers are just gonna miss us! (I'm feeling like I should have a faculty continuation of how much they loved us...)
Sondra: Joe Tomsic teaching about the “Cloud” Faisal Abdullah always holding over our heads how cool his Computer Forensics class is but then remembering we can’t take it because we’re undergrads.
Steve: Kind of to reiterate it's my classmates, and also the professors and each professor has there one or two things that they say every day. I’m not going to point it out but all of the students know what I am saying. It truly is a lot fun and at the same time you get to learn some neat information along the way.

So if you've learned anything from us three it should be this:
1. CIS should at minimum be a minor of yours preferably a major
2. CIS students become a second family
3. MIS professors are CRAZY and they are the best teachers around.
4. Why are you still reading this... I said 3!